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"Escalier," 2011- 2015, 22K gold prints on silk, fossilized stones, shells, glass beads, Cambodian bells, stainless steel wire and cord (photo by Rachel Portesi).

Michele Ratté’s Circle of Life

The shimmer of Michele Ratté’s gold-infused sculptures and prints is not just decorative veneer. Precious, permanent and pure, gold in her hands is not just a physical material, but a transcendent one. It is an ideal medium for cross-referencing the natural and archetypical cycles of birth, death and rebirth that frame our existence on this planet.

Corrugated Fountain

Corrugated Fountain, cardboard, 25’ x 17’.

Grashow Makes the Cut

Both people who know and those who have not yet encountered artist James Grashow’s work are in for a treat this fall. The Center for Contemporary Printmaking (CCP) will be presenting a retrospective of Grashow’s woodcuts while underwriting the creation of one of his joyful cardboard fish menageries.

"Poverty: Nugget Mania and Ploughman"

"Poverty: Nugget Mania and Ploughman," 2009 30 1/2” x 46”. Oil on Mi-Teintes.

Brewster’s Quixotic Encounters

David Brewster exemplifies, in an extraordinary way, how American regionalism has evolved and continues to manifest into the contemporary realm. He is a master of formal and trained juxtapositions and dichotomies. In his paintings, Brewster combines the power of midcentury action and expressive mark-making — contemporary forms of plein air production — with the narrative intellectualism of scene painting, capturing and interpreting, from a personal perspective, the nuances of a specific time and place.

Tayo Heuser

"Foramen," 2016, inks on hand burnished paper, 42” x 41.”

Tayo Heuser’s Spiritual Force

In conversation at her Pawtucket studio, Tayo Heuser described herself as shy; to discuss her as a person with a countenance of introspection seems more accurate. The assessment of herself was enigmatic and thoughtprovoking, juxtaposed against the array of emotive abstractions which blanketed nearly all of the walls and available table surfaces around her that day, as she prepared for “Looking In: Looking Out,” her solo exhibition that opened September 1 at the Jamestown Arts Center.

Moon Over the Beach

Robert Weinstein, "Moon Over The Beach," oil, 30” x 40”.

RiverSea and ArtDover-NH

A grand vestige of New Hampshire’s industrial past, Dover’s One Washington Center, a glorious old red brick mill of enormous size and height, is being re-invigorated as a hive of entrepreneurial enterprise and creative invention, serving as the new home of the RiverSea Gallery and headquarters of its companion organization, ArtDover-NH.

Popups in P-town

Rosemary Broton Boyle with Jean Brodnax in front of Swirling Up a Storm, a mixed media wall piece by Boyle.

Gallery Voyeur Reaches Out

There is a new way to reach new audiences: pop-up galleries.

Irving Penn

Irving Penn, "Nude No. 58," New York, about 1949–1950, printed 1976, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the artist. Copyright © The Irving Penn Foundation.

Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty

“Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty” is a major retrospective exhibition presenting 146 striking, stark photographic images made with passion by photographer-artist extraordinaire, Irving Penn (1917-2009). This nationwide traveling tribute was assiduously culled from the prestigious Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection by distinguished guest-curator Merry A. Foresta, who served as the Smithsonian’s curator of photography from 1982 through 2000, when she became the director of the Smithsonian’s Photography Initiative.

NAWA at Endicott

Ronnie Gould, "Habitat Clash," clay sculpture, 7” x 12”, in front of "Breaking Ground" installation featuring (from left to right) Merry Beninato, "The Artist’s Palate" ; Lully Schwartz, "Watteau Fete Galante" ; Beverly Rippel," Studio Contemplation" ; Kat Massela, "Circle of Life" ; Kim Alemian, "Turned"; Jennifer Jean Costello, "Love Locks" ; Susan Scavo Gallagher, "Electrifying" ; Linda Talanian, "Midlife Crisis" ; and Linda Lippa, "Women in Squares" .

Feminine Influence

“Breaking Ground,” a presentation of 55 conceptually and materially diverse works of art — painting, photography, ceramics, fiber, printmaking, mixed-media, sculpture and bronze — by 46 contemporary women artists of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. (NAWA) asks: “Does being a woman artist influence your style, subject and or medium?”


Katherine Glover, "Ctenophore," clear packing tape, monofilament and glass beads

2016 Biennial at Fuller Craft

To paraphrase an appropriate Robert Fripp lyric from 1980: “They are resplendent in divergence” — they being the participants in the 2016 Biennial Members Exhibition as selected by guest juror James Lawton, professor of ceramics and director of the Department of Artisanry at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Triple Self-Portrait

Miriam Laufer, "Triple Self Portrait" (collection of Robert D. Speiser; photo courtesy of PAAM).

Provincetown in Autumn

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) is at the very tip of Massachusetts (next stop: Azores) with a cultural impact that is extraordinary. In its 102nd year, the vitality of the museum and school can be measured by the 250 volunteers who support a highly effective staff stewarded by director Chris McCarthy. Under her direction, PAAM is much larger than its physical size and location, reaching around the globe with its membership and quality of shows.