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Jon Goldman, The Village Portrait Project: Alex Bocconcellia, digital portrait, aluminum, 6” x 14”.

CORNERED: Jon Goldman of the Village Portrait Project

By Brian Goslow In 2012, Jon Goldman began work on the “Village Portrait Project” with the end goal of digitally painting portraits of the 780 Wood’s Hole residents registered in the 2010 United States Census; he’s currently nearing portrait number 200. A portion of the series can be seen in the “At the Crossroads: Six […]

Image: Gaze, 2016, colored pencils, 12” x 17”.


At first glance, Azita Moradkhani’s wall sculptures look like cut-out sections from mannequins.

Top: "Aphrodite," by Dick Alden, Left: "White Calico Flower," by Georgia O'Keeffe, Right: "Composition with Jade & Violet," by Eric Leppanen


Surrounded by the tremendous, lush greenery of its forests, that alternated with the boundless coastal views as the salted breezes permeated through the windows of my car as I drove through the state of Maine, I found myself engulfed by the passion and inspiration of many of its artists. From realists to modernists, these artists flourish in a bountiful cultural scene, up and down the Maine seacoast.

Cicero at Castle Hill in Truro on Cape Cod.

Cicero at Castle Hill in Truro on Cape Cod.


The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is celebrating its 45th year at the annual Castle Hill Summer Bash on Saturday July 23, and will also be honoring longtime friend and supporter Judy Cicero. The outdoor party will feature great food, martinis and cosmopolitans by Ray Elman, and dancing to the music of the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, as well as the tribute to well-known Provincetown resident Cicero.

Bev Butkow

Former Massachusetts College Student Curates Exhibition in Johannesburg

South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Artists – Galvanized for Change By Teboho Mokoni, arts and culture critic, Johannesburg 11.15.2016: At the Post Its No. 1: Post-apartheid /|Postcolonial opening at Constitution Hill last week, a former political prsoner recounted, for an audience that numbered in the hundreds, his and his family’s struggles to remember but also overcome his […]

Alexandra Alemany, Toruga, sculpture.

Wildlife: Trading and Conservation at the ISB Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Design

By Kristin Wissler On July 14, I attended the reception for “Wildlife: Trading and Conservation” at the Rhode Island School of Design’s ISB Gallery. I was happy to go, for I’ve always loved the animal world and everything in it. The exhibit, created by RISD in collaboration with Creature Conserve and the International Fund for […]

Connecticut DIY

Photos from Meghan Richter's weekend in Connecticut.

Connecticut DIY Scene

Making Waves in New London & Hartford By Meghan Richter When I pulled into the parking lot at Sailfest 2016 last weekend, the town fair energy gave me a sense of the atmosphere of New London. The downtown area only spanned a few blocks, and the ocean breeze drifted loftily through the sweltering heat. Just […]

Helen Beckman, "Writer," pencil, 9" x 6”.

Atmosphere to Edge at the Kingston Gallery

By Kristin Wissler The “Atmosphere to Edge” exhibition at the Kingston Gallery is a study of spectrum: A spectrum of sharp lines to soft edges, or, in the words of curator Jennifer Moses, “a spectrum of solutions,” ranging from “smoky to graphic.” The exhibition features work by Jeffrey Hull, Shona Macdonald, Craig Hood, Rick Fox, […]

Philip Guston, “Painter III,” 1963, oil on canvas, 66” x 79” (private collection, London).

Philip Guston, Painter: 1957-1967 at Hauser & Wirth New York

By Joshua Ascherman In 1957, abstract expressionism was in its heyday, the art world was abuzz with talk of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and the artists of the New York School — and Philip Guston was tired. “I got sick and tired of all that Purity! Wanted to tell stories,” Guston proclaimed later, describing […]

Deidre Scherer, Hand Layers.

Rock River Artists Make Magic During Open Studios Tour July 16 & 17

By Elayne Clift When photographer Chris Triebert moved to Vermont from Boston, she fell in love with the river that ran through her new hometown of Newfane. She soon learned that she wasn’t the only artist attached to the Rock River, beginning in East Dover and continuing through South Newfane and Williamsville. In 1993, having […]