For the Reader:

1. Where can I find a copy of Artscope?

2. When does the new issue of Artscope come out?

3. How can I subscribe to Artscope?

4. What is the Artscope Newsstand Edition and how do I download it?

5. How can I stay updated on events and shows that Artscope is covering in between issues?

For the Advertiser:

6. What are my options for advertising with Artscope?

7. Who do I contact if I want to advertise in Artscope magazine?

8. When is the deadline to submit an ad to Artscope?

9. Can Artscope design an ad for me?

10. How much does it cost to advertise with Artscope?

For Exhibition Coverage:

11. How do I get Artscope to cover my exhibition?

12. I am seeking Artscope coverage; who should I contact?

13. When should I contact Artscope about press coverage?

14. What do editors look for in a press release?

15. When is the deadline to send in press releases to Artscope?

16. What is the Artscope email blast?


Where can I find a copy of Artscope?
Artscope is distributed in over 700 locations throughout New England. Call your local gallery, museum or art center to see if they have the current issue available.

To find an issue near you visit our HOT List of distribution sites.

To get your own issue, subscribe by calling our office at 617-639-5771 or using the online subscription tool.

For a lower cost, subscribe to the Artscope Newsstand Edition for iPad.

To get a more immediate dose of Artscope, download our free Artscope app for your iPhone, iPad, DROID or tablet at the App Store or Google Play. Simply search “Artscope” in your app store.


When does the new issue of Artscope come out?
Artscope’s bi-monthly publication dates are the first Fridays of every other month – January, March, May, July, September, November.


How can I subscribe to Artscope?
Purchase a 1 or 2 year Artscope subscription online by visiting our subscribe page. You can also email subscribe@artscopemagazine.com or call 617-639-5771 to subscribe by email or phone.

For a lower price, subscribe through the digital Newsstand Edition of Artscope for the iPad.

What is the Artscope Newsstand Edition and how do I download it?
The new Artscope Newsstand Edition allows you to instantly receive new issues as they become available digitally and in circulation. Read each issue on your Apple iPad in a dynamic, on-the-go format; you can also explore interactive images and special features.

$2.99/per issue and $15.99/yearly subscription through iTunes Connect.

Download the Artscope Newsstand Edition NOW!

Also, don’t forget about the Artscope mobile app, where you can access our Facebook, Twitter, latest zine posts, and much more! Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Download the Artscope mobile app today!
How can I stay updated on events and shows that Artscope is covering in between issues?
You can sign up for bi-weekly email blasts by visiting our email blast page and subscribing with your email address. Enjoy up-to-date news on the fine arts world with friendly, familiar and fun Artscope reviews and artist profiles from museums, galleries, art centers, art schools, and cultural events from around the region.

Read weekly reviews of exhibitions and shows in your area, and check out our zine page, which we update regularly.

Stay updated daily with our social media feeds through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, either separately or by streaming content on the free Artscope mobile app. The app includes lists of galleries, calendar events, map links, videos, podcasts and more. Download the free Artscope app in App Store or Google Play onto any smartphone, iPad or tablet.



What are my options for advertising with Artscope?
There are many opportunities to advertise with Artscope. Through our bi-monthly print issue you can advertise with: visual display ads (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full page), listings (single or full year), and classifieds (1″, 2″ and 3″ size formats).

To advertise online, you can advertise through: biweekly email blast! sponsorships, daily Zine and tile ads, and mobile/tablet display ads.

For questions regarding which type of advertisement is right for you, email the Artscope staff at advertise@artscopemagazine.com or call (617) 639-5771 to explore opportunities to reach our active and widespread audience.

Who do I contact if I want to advertise in Artscope Magazine?
Contact the Artscope staff by email at advertise@artscopemagazine.com or call (617) 639-5771.

When is the deadline to submit an ad to Artscope?
The deadlines to submit an ad for the print issues are:

    • January/February – December 15th
    • March/April – February 15th
    • May/June – April 15th
    • July/August – June 15th
    • September/October – August 15th
    • November/December – October 15th

The deadline to advertise in an email blast is the Monday before the blast is sent out.


Can Artscope design an ad for me?
Yes! Artscope can design your ads using advanced design techniques and software to produce in high quality print, online or mobile and tablet formats. Artscope provides soft proofs for your review to have edited or approve until satisfied. This comes at a low, flat rate of $50.00.

How much does it cost to advertise with Artscope?
Check out our advertising page to find costs and specifications of advertising with Artscope. With other questions regarding advertising or to request a media kit, call (617) 639-5771 or email advertise@artscopemagazine.com.



How do I get Artscope to cover my exhibition?
One of the principal purposes of Artscope magazine is to exchange information with the public. With this goal in mind, we listen to the public, artists, and other media sources in order to help us decide what we feel is important to cover at that time. We work to remain objective, while including a variety of work that has a balanced flow. We choose what we think has the most interest and significance to the arts, academic, and extended community at the time of publication.

If you would like to request coverage, see the answer to “I am seeking Artscope coverage; who should I contact?”

I am seeking Artscope coverage; who should I contact?
For editorial consideration, email our editors with press releases at pr@artscopemagazine.com.

To be covered in the daily zine for more immediate coverage, send a press release to info@artscopemagazine.com.


When should I contact Artscope about press coverage?
Artscope is timely and editors continue adding content to the print issue up to two weeks before our publication date. You can send us information about your show far in advance, though we will wait to write a review until our writers can actually see the show to include it in the upcoming issue.

Artscope’s email blast is a bi-weekly newsletter that features three reviews, followed by sponsorship ads. The blast provides additional coverage between print issues that we could not include in print because of timing or space limitation.
Submit your show to be reviewed for coverage in Artscope’s email blast within a couple days of an email blast being sent out.
For immediate coverage, you can submit your events/shows/receptions to our online zine as well.

Artscope holds an open forum online where you can post on our Facebook wall and Twitter. Use the hashtag #Artscope and we can share your post!



What do editors look for in a press release?
Guide to Sending Press Releases for Exhibition Coverage (a work-in-progress)

by Brian Goslow, managing editor, Artscope Magazine

Artscope Magazine, and other arts and entertainment publications and columnists, receive dozens if not hundreds of exhibition announcements and requests for coverage daily via email. Here are a few tips from Managing Editor Brian Goslow on how to move your your request toward the front of the line:


While most feature stories are assigned weeks if not months in advance, almost all of our Facebook, Capsule Previews, email blasts & zine postings are selected a short time before you see them on your computer screen. Simpler and clearer information is more likely to be covered.

If your gallery, museum or name isn’t obvious from your email address, put it in the subject line.

If you’ve got an exhibition title, put it in the subject line.

Most importantly, put your exhibition dates in the subject line. When it comes to sketching out an issue by the months of publication, this is the best way to make sure you get full consideration for coverage.


Everyone’s pressed for time–there’s no doubt about it. But if your exhibition is worth covering, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you get the word out promptly and thoroughly.

Regardless of how thorough any information you put in an attached file is, if you introduce it through a blank message, you’ve diminished the chances of someone downloading your file unless they’re already looking for or if they’ve actually requested the information.

The same goes for blind links –- numerous computer experts have noted that one universal way to avoid getting a virus on your computer is to avoid clicking on links you’re not familiar (and comfortable) with, and I always use caution in clicking through to any link.

Make sure the first paragraph of your message contains all the essential information: show title and art medium, venue, venue address, exhibition dates and phone number. Your second paragraph should contain a small description of the show. Almost all interest in covering your show will be generated by the information in these two paragraphs.

If you’ve grabbed the reader’s attention, they’ll want to know more. That’s when a full press release (which should be included in the email message as an attached file, if you desire) and links to view the artist’s work can be helpful in determining whether or not to cover your show.

Finally, make sure you’ve re-read your press release before you send it out; if you send out subsequent emails correcting errors in previous emails, there’s no guarantee they’ll be caught. Similarly, if you resend a press release, make sure it contains all the information and attachments that came with the first because oftentimes seeing there’s an updated press release will lead to the immediate deletion of the first.


Before you send a file, imagine yourself to be the person receiving that file. Their computer already has hundreds of files on it. Think about them going through dozens of emails and downloading a large number of files named “PR,” “Show info” and “details” and nothing more. When that person is going back through their emails to retrieve files, what tells them that a given file is your announcement? The same goes for sending image files with numerical names and with no accompanying artist name; what’s going to make it stand out among hundreds of files? Make sure the artist name and work title is in the title of each image file to avoid having them misidentified in print.

If you’re sending images with the hope of getting them printed, make sure they’re of sufficiently high resolution to print. Almost all images that make their way into Artscope are 300 dpi or greater (and printable at 4″ x 5″ or 5″ x 8″ at minimum) and 1 MB in size or larger. (If you’re not sure, drop the person/publication a message asking what they prefer.) This ensures that the work looks as good in print as it does in person. Hold off on sending extraordinarily high-resolution images (2 or 3 MB or higher) with your initial press release as these tend to overload the recipient’s mailbox and can cause them to crash; media outlets will let you know if they need higher resolution images from you.


While most feature stories are planned a month or two prior to publication, there are always a few areas of coverage decided close to deadline. (In the case of Artscope, this would be our Capsule Previews as well as our Facebook, blog and email blasts.) This is why it’s essential that you always include even basic information as soon as possible even when you’re waiting for full details for an exhibition. The best-written press release in the world doesn’t mean a thing if it’s received after deadline or if the publication in which you want coverage has already gone to press.

For consideration for coverage in Artscope magazine, send your press releases to pr@artscopemagazine.com

When is the deadline to send in press releases to Artscope?
Our print edition is bimonthly, released on the first of every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November). Aim to send press releases at least two weeks before the release date of the issue. The shows that are covered in an issue will be up through a significant part of the two-month period for that issue. Covered shows must remain open for a minimum of two weekends after publication, so that interested readers have time to visit. In order for Artscope to cover as many places as possible, individual institutions and galleries are not covered in consecutive issues. For coverage in the biweekly email blast, aim to send press releases one week in advance of the blast; the blast (which contains three articles) goes out every other Thursday. The weekly online zine runs reviews as well; for coverage in the zine, send press releases 48 hours in advance. Zine articles can also be streamed through Artscope’s mobile app.

For more information see the answer to “When should I contact Artscope about press coverage?”