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Rachel Mello at Somerville Open Studios.

Rachel Mello at Somerville Open Studios (SOS).

Cornered: Rachel Mello, Somerville Open Studios

Somerville, MA – The Boston area will see a series of Open Studios Weekends in the month of May. Artscope managing editor Brian Goslow cornered Rachel Mello, Coordinator, Somerville Open Studios (May 4-5); to discuss event preparations, what makes the open studio experience special and what they offer to the arts community. HOW LONG HAVE […]

Mason's Chain Bridge at La Capelli Salon Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mason's Chain Bridge at La Capelli Salon.

Ed Mason at Cambridge’s La Capelli Salon

By James Foritano Cambridge, MA – My neighbor in Cambridge was a very quiet guy who turned his considerable intellect towards the psychology of children and childhood. Who, except his intimates, knew that Ed Mason possessed a kinetic imagination — an imagination that takes the viewer by the hand, inviting him or her down the […]

Covering art in Boston: a personal post By Lindsey Davis

I can’t believe April is already here, especially since that means my time interning for Artscope Magazine has ended. Each week I’ve covered two events or galleries for the Zine online, condensing a performance or an exhibition down to 500 words. I’ve learned there isn’t really a formula for this kind of writing, but a […]

Aparna Agrawal, "Mapmaking."

The Wheaton Biennial: Drawing Out of Bounds at Wheaton College

Elizabeth Michelman visits The Weaton Biennial drawing exhibition, curated by Judith Tannenbaum, and finds a collection that prioritizes formal experimentation over technical skill, and includes themes of cultural identity.

Q & A with Joi Gresham, Director and Co-Trustee of the Lorraine Hansberry Literary Trust

Huntington Theater Company in Boston’s South End is currently performing Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun,” a play that first debuted in 1959. When Hansberry passed away in 1965, she named her former husband as her literary executor, and that man later remarried Joi Gresham’s mother.

Kelly Reemtsen's "Mixed Metaphor," 2012

At The Armory Show

A few weekends ago, I attended my first-ever international art fair, taking the train from Boston’s South Station to Penn Station in New York City to spend six hours walking through rows and rows of art at The Armory Show.

Blizzard Nemo descending upon Peters Park, Boston.

Blizzard Nemo descending upon Peters Park, Boston.

Blizzard Nemo Causing Postponements

A number of events scheduled for this weekend have been postponed due to impending blizzard Nemo; almost all of tonight’s openings have been cancelled. Here are the latest cancellations and postponements with rescheduled dates we’ve received up to this time:

Kip Bergstrom standing in front of a City Canvas site. Photo by Robert Gregson.

Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner of the State of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development, standing in front of one of the state of Connecticut's "Capital City Canvas" sites. Photo by Robert Gregson.

Cornered Extra: Christopher “Kip” Bergstrom

In the November/December 2012 issue of artscope magazine, managing editor Brian Goslow “cornered” Christopher “Kip” Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner of the State of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development. Due to space restrictions, we could only print part of their hour-long discussion. Their talk continues here.

Image: Dennis Coelho, "Ice Castles," oil on canvas, 28" x 36".

Artist Dennis Coelho Donates Piece to “Bidding for Good” Auction

Providence based abstract impressionist painter, Dennis Coelho, has donated a painting to the “Bidding for Good” auction, the proceeds of which go to Rhode Island AIDS Care Ocean State.

"Light in the Forest," acrylic on canvas, by Elynn Kroger.

A Night on the Neck at Rocky Neck Art Colony

On August 2, I had the good fortune to find myself at the Rocky Neck Art Colony for their monthly “Nights on the Neck,” during which galleries keep their doors open late into the evening and local musicians take to the streets…