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RAW Musician Jacquelyn Wells performing at Guilt.
Photo credit Greg Caparell.

RAW Fusion: Emerging Talent at Your Local Nightclub

Sometimes the best kinds of parties are the ones filled with artists. Artists see the world from a perspective a guy working as an accountant necessarily wouldn’t. Artists are unafraid to take risks and therefore more willing to cut a rug on the dance floor. What is RAW?

Artscope Magazine publisher Kaveh Mojtabai talking with show attendee Talia Houminer

The Artist Project NY

Artscope Magazine was pleased to be a sponsor as well as host a table at this year’s The Artist Project NY. The event was a great success taken place on March 17-20 on pier 92 55th street and hosted over 150 artists from around the world.

Saint George circa 1900, an icon that will continue to be on display

From Moscow, With Love…

What was supposed to be a fascinating look at Russian works of art is being cut short by Russian’s Minister of Culture who has decidedly issued a “force majeure”, ordering 37 paintings and artifacts, on loan to the Museum of Russian Icons, be returned immediately to Moscow.