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Bevan Weissman of New American Public Art.


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Bevan Weissman at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville. I wanted to learn more about maker- spaces in general and specifically to find out about Bevan’s current projects with his colleagues at New American Public Art. Weissman made the point that makerspaces are ideal workshops for making public art. There […]

Sue Williamson, Messages from the Atlantic Passage, 2017, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg.


by Nancy Nesvet There once was a small city at the crossroads of three countries — Switzer- land, Germany and France — that became the epicenter of the global art market. Coming from across the world, artists, gallerists, buyers and art lovers co-exist for a week in a quest for the perfect art piece; the […]

July/August 2017

Article Excerpts: Welcome | Fresh Eyes at Helen Day: MFA Students Shine | Considering Place: Juror’s Choice at Keene | Worcester Electrified: Huang Moves the Imagination| Hopkins Comes Full Circle: Awesome Abstraction in Town | A Wonder-Full World: Prop Master Michael Stasiuk | Seuss On The Loose: Homage to a Storyteller | Creative Trifecta: Transformation […]

July/August 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 69, July/August 2017 art: Perfect Harmony artist: Jeff Grassie medium: wood, metal, stone, sand, glass, marbles, walnut shells theme: Wood A master at stretching his boundaries to new levels and constantly challenging and reinventing himself, helps Grassie find new techniques so he can apply them to his rare and unique style of […]

Rolling Surf, 2017, oil on canvas, 12" x 24"


by Linda Chestney So often we are compelled to leave home. The further the better, right? Yet there remains in our cultural DNA a pair that brings us back home. According to T.S. Elliott, “…and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first […]

May/June 2017

Article Excerpts: Welcome | Cornered: Michael Mansfield| A Retrospective Ode To Fearlessness | The Artist’s Eye Draws Us In | Bearing Witness To Tragedy | Boston Athenaeum’s Works On Paper | Michelman Makes Space | Going With The Grain | Young Russians At Shattuck | Expressing Freedom At Miller White | A Synergistic Blend In […]

Paul Forte, Mantle (after a fashion), 2007, dressmaker’s mannequin, cut and pinned photocopies, 64” x 13” x 10”.


PAUL FORTE, VISUAL POET Suzanne Volmer It is rare for an AS220 Project Space exhibitor to get extra square footage for an exhibition. However, this luxury is provided to Paul Forte for his “The Alchemy of Collage — Selected Works 2005-2016” collection of visual poetry in order to give breathing room to the show’s complex […]

May/June 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 68, May/June 2017   art: The Well artist: James Dye medium: dip pen and india ink theme: Outsider/Visionary Art Through the methodical application of detail, I explore the ritual nature of art and the symbiosis of image and story. I draw inspiration from mythology both personal and established to create works that […]


EXPRESSING FREEDOM AT MILLER WHITE Laura Shabott There is a Chinese curse [that] says “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind. — Robert F. Kennedy, […]

Puerto Rico Horizon, photograph.


AN ODE TO HER HOMELAND Suzanne Volmer This June, Shey Rivera Rios will combine an immersive art installation with live storytelling performances in exploring socio/political issues shaping Puerto Rico today through her monthlong “Fantasy Island/La Isla Fantastica” exhibition at AS220’s Project Space. The installation/ performance artist, who lives in Providence, can relate to displacement, having […]