March/April 2017

Article Excerpts: Welcome | Cornered: Mohamad Hafez| An Exodus Frozen in Time | Exploring the Space Within | Coding as a Design Tool at Tufts | Weapons Unloaded in Maine | It’s a Wonderful Life | Multisensory Surprise at Phillips Exeter | COSO’s Winter Members Show | Shacking Up in Ptown | An Exuberance of […]

March/April 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 67, March/April 2017   art: Golden Abstract artist: Wilda Squires medium: photography theme: Artficial Intelligence My entrance into the world of abstract photography began serendipitously ten years ago. Unable to sleep very early one morning, I watched the shadows that the rising sun created within the folds of the bedroom window curtains. […]

March/April Classifieds

Your work could be artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Your work can be Artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Work by established and emerging artists welcome. For the May/June 2017 issue we will be accepting submissions in the category of Outsider/Visionary Art. Send up to three images and your statement with contact information to: no later than April 10, […]

Judy Volkmann, Visionary, at University of Rhode Island Providence Campus Gallery.

Capsule Previews

Brian Goslow “… and the journey continues …,” mixed media works by Northeast Kingdom artist Kathy Stark representing the progression of her work from the 1980s to the present, will be on display through March 30 at the Spotlight Gallery at the Vermont Arts Council, 136 State St., Montpelier, Vermont. The five series being shown, […]

Urban Totem, salvaged materials, 14” x 14”.

11 for 11: Brian Walters

TAKING HISTORY TO HEART Kristin Nord Brian Walters’ metal sculptures have been stored over the years behind a stand of old-fashioned lilac bushes on the Bethel, Conn. property where he grew up. Even in winter, the bushes provide a natural screen of branches and buds that protects his works-in-progress. Within the next few days, works […]

Sculpture, found and recycled objects.

11 for 11: Duken Delpe

MOSAIC OF ART AND SCIENCE Lisa Mikulski Artist Duken Delpe is a very busy man these days, with a spate of international and local events. In 2016, Delpe designed the main stage for the South Shore Indie Music Festival with the theme “Art Sustains Us,” and he will do the same for the 2017 show. […]

Justyne Fischer, Suspicious Suicide, 2016, woodcut on volle, 50” x 68” x 2 1/2”.


PRINTMAKING REIMAGINED Brian Goslow The “2017 Wheaton Biennial: Printmaking Reimagined,” featuring work by 60 artists from 30 states, Canada and Sweden, is an exciting show thanks to the many facets and techniques of the printmaking genre it presents . From traditional linocuts and lithographs to the more modern relief prints and works presented on tissue, […]

Sumin Son, Collection, acrylic on canvas, 59” x 59”.


A GALLERY OF ENERGIZED CONTENT Suzanne Volmer Yunmin and Kurt Zala debuted Gallery BOM in Boston’s SoWa District in November 2016 with a two-part exhibition of works by Jung Woo Cho, the highlight of which was Cho’s installation, “Purity,” that explored the idea of water’s renewable potential and related to the artist’s nuanced spiritual understanding […]

Homeless Vehicle Project (courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York).

11 for 11: Krzysztof Wodiczko

PROJECTING LIGHT ON SOCIAL ISSUES Nancy Nesvet Krzysztof Wodiczko, Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s professor in residence of art, design and the public domain, who also works with the Interrogative Design Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), combines art and technology with emerging social issues to produce creative projects involving veterans of […]

Collision Response (Overview), 2015, mixed media (paper, thread, strings, wood, nails), 66” x 59” x 18”.

11 for 11: Roya Amigh

IMAGINATION MEETS MEMORY Elizabeth Michelman I first met Iranian artist Roya Amigh on a July afternoon in a converted horse barn in Ghent, New York. I was visiting the open studios of Art OMI, an international artists’ residency in the Hudson River Valley. The sweaty bodies and the mid-day heat were overwhelming, so I ducked […]