11 For 11: Duken Delpe

Sculpture, found and recycled objects.


Lisa Mikulski

Artist Duken Delpe is a very busy man these days, with a spate of international and local events. In 2016, Delpe designed the main stage for the South Shore Indie Music Festival with the theme “Art Sustains Us,” and he will do the same for the 2017 show. Also this year, the award-winning artist will participate in Art Olympia in Tokyo, Japan while also undertaking his long list of submissions and projects.

With a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, it is not the first time an artist has combined scientific and artistic vision, but as Delpe explains, he not only uses his scientific background for artistic methodology and technique, but also in the selection of his materials.

Using recyclable and found objects, he sands, shapes and weaves together thin strips of metal from aluminum cans and utilizes old computer components, combined with pigment, to create mosaic pieces of brilliant color. Much of Delpe’s work — which he calls ”Painting Sculpture” — runs in mid-range dimensions, about 24” to 48”, although he has created largescale pieces at 96” x 192”.

Delpe considers it a challenge to create work that speaks to some of today’s current social issues, and also feels it is his duty to create works which will help with the reduction of the carbon footprint upon the planet.

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