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July/August 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 69, July/August 2017 art: Perfect Harmony artist: Jeff Grassie medium: wood, metal, stone, sand, glass, marbles, walnut shells theme: Wood A master at stretching his boundaries to new levels and constantly challenging and reinventing himself, helps Grassie find new techniques so he can apply them to his rare and unique style of […]

May/June 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 68, May/June 2017   art: The Well artist: James Dye medium: dip pen and india ink theme: Outsider/Visionary Art Through the methodical application of detail, I explore the ritual nature of art and the symbiosis of image and story. I draw inspiration from mythology both personal and established to create works that […]

March/April 2017 Centerfold

    Artscope 67, March/April 2017   art: Golden Abstract artist: Wilda Squires medium: photography theme: Artficial Intelligence My entrance into the world of abstract photography began serendipitously ten years ago. Unable to sleep very early one morning, I watched the shadows that the rising sun created within the folds of the bedroom window curtains. […]

January/ February 17 Centerfold

    art: Jamaica Pond Installation artist: Jenine Shereos medium: natural elements I created this installation at Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts towards the end of a long New England winter. The piece consisted of five bottle-shaped forms made of ice and containing various frozen flower and plant specimens. Over the course of the next […]

November/December2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 65, November/December 2016 art: Where it Comes From artist: Talia Lefton medium: felted wool Talia Lefton works with wool, yarn, and fabric to create tangible explorations of identity, transformation, and space. This piece uses the mutable qualities of felt to depict a period of self-examination. Drawing from a mythical representation of shapeshifting, […]

September/October 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 64, September/October 2016 art: Mother and Son and Trio artist: Robert Rovenolt medium: mixed media My working method has always centered on my personal response to found, reclaimed objects and other cast-offs. I usually don’t actively look for these sources, but rather “let them find me.” Sometimes this process is accelerated by “finds” that “picker […]

May/June 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 62, May/June 2016   art: Awakened artist: Johniene Papandreas medium: self-portrait, casein on muslin, 27” x 74,” 2005. A face is every experience of one’s life made manifest. The lines, the tilt of the head, and, oh … the eyes … the portals through which I enter the inner life of my […]

Jul/Aug 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 62, July/August 2016   art: Sweet Air artist: H. Grey Park IV medium: oil on linen, 24″ x 64″. “ At a young age, H. Gray Park was already identified as a natural talent and was placed in talented and gifted programs. During his third year of college, Gray spent four months […]

January/February Centerfold

  Artscope 59, January/February 2016 art: Panda Smash artist: Pecan medium: oil on canvas, 27″ x 36″ Pecan: My work is a mix of painting from my imagination, from life, and from references, coming together to create several series that exist somewhere between fantasy and reality. I deeply admire realism and representational art especially with […]

March/April 2016 Centerfold

  Artscope 60, March/April 2016 art: Breakaway artist: Stephanie Roberts-Camello medium: encaustic, 8″ x 10″ Roberts-Camello: Obstacles are part of everyone’s life. They have a tendency, if not dealt with, to become so huge and overbearing that they transform into phobias, only to be avoided. Overcoming them are some of our greatest achievements as individuals. […]