James H. Barker, Painted Car, Sunday, March 22, 1965.

Through The Lens of History

Grand Circle Pays Tribute To Selma and The Civil Rights Movement by Franklin W. Liu On November 4, 2008, Reverend Jesse Jackson sobbed openly on live TV as the nation’s electoral-vote count was tallied: a black man, a novice-politician, Barack H. Obama would historically become the 44th President of the United States of America. Fifty […]

Classified Nov/Dec 2015

Your work could be artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Your work could be Artscope’s next CENTERFOLD. Work by established and emerging artists welcome. For the January/ February 2016 issue we will be accepting submissions for the category of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Please send up to three images and your statement with contact information to: centerfold@artscopemagazine.com no later than December […]

Capsule Previews

Thirteen large-scale works in oil by Vermont- and Massachusetts- based David Brewster — who says his creative process has always “sought out a kind of theater, often choosing opulent interiors and sylvan landscapes that are somehow distressed” — are featured in “Power- line” from November 4 through 28 at Chase Young Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave. […]

John Cascio, On the Trail, 2010, oil and cold wax, 12” x 12”.


A Win-Win For Artists, Patients and a Health Center by James Dyment ArtUp is not your average exhibition. The viewers are here for a different reason — they are visiting doctors and health professionals. Jurors who sorted through hundreds of submissions after a prospectus was sent out by local arts organizations curated the artwork. Donors […]

Water, is Taught by Thirst (WHITE), Central Adirondacks, 2015, laser cut paper, mat board and glue on paper, 24” x 36”.

Water, Water Everywhere?

Naoe Suzuki’s Thirst For Awareness by Taryn Plumb Especially in first-world countries, water is a resource that’s very often taken for granted – it comes out of the tap, streams out of the shower, is poured into plastic bottles and driven in by the pallet-full on the back of diesel- belching trucks. In her latest […]

Climb, 2014, mixed media collage on panel, 48” x 36”.

Carol Gove At Regis

A Continued Dialogue with Paint by Taryn Plumb For Carol Gove, it’s all about the dynamism, the fluidity and the lively play between texture, lines and shapes. “It’s the back and forth between collage and paint, of push and pull, as you’re working,” explained the Peterborough, N.H.-based collage artist, originally trained as a graphic designer. […]

Roman Turovsky, Five Windows (seen here: Nina, Dave, Neree, Mike, Jan, Nadja, Dan, Kim, Abriss), 1990-2015, DVD, 25 minutes.

Head At Umass Amherst

Portraits Take It From The Top by John Paul Stapleton The Hampden Gallery is almost hidden in the city that is UMass Amherst’s south- west residential area. Its current show, “Head,” fits right in with this setting, as if it were in a metropolitan arts district. Curator D. Dominick Lombardi has brought together contemporary work […]

An Afghan woman holds her sick daughter before Dr. Zubeida, a midwife from the mobile health unit funded by UNFPA , as she inquires about her daughter’s condition as Zubeida offers pre-natal and anti-natal care and gives her counseling in Charmas Village, a remote area of Badakshan, Afghanistan, August 9, 2009.

Lynsey Addario’s Veiled

Every Picture Tells A Story by Brian Goslow It is a stunning collection: a 25-year-old woman giving birth to twins at a Faizabad hospital; veiled women worshiping at a shrine to Shahzada Qasim, a descendent of the prophet Muhammad, in Herat; a health and hygiene class being taught by a traveling midwife in an isolated […]

Kathy Aoki, Gangnam Style (in the Moulin Rouge), lithograph, 24” x 36”.

Boston Printmakers 2015 Biennial

A Labor of Love And Imagination by Franklin W. Liu A disciplined process of experiential application pushing an extraordinarily flexible medium, fueled by an unyieldingly inquisitive, artistic mindset forged on discovery, uniquely describes printmaking. For printmakers, beauty is clearly inherent in the process itself, as much as in the finished print. Since 1948, the Boston […]

Jeffrey Marshall, Green House (Make It Right), 2010, grease pencil on illustration board, 10” x 15”.

Katrina Then And Now: Artists As Witness

Rebuilding Lives Through Art by Brian Goslow Born and raised in New Orleans, multi-media artist Dawn DeDeaux had been working on “lots” of large-scale digital works when Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29, 2005. “I was suddenly unplugged,” she told a lecture audience at the College of the Holy Cross recently. She said her response […]