May/June 2016 Centerfold

    Artscope 62, May/June 2016   art: Awakened artist: Johniene Papandreas medium: self-portrait, casein on muslin, 27” x 74,” 2005. A face is every experience of one’s life made manifest. The lines, the tilt of the head, and, oh … the eyes … the portals through which I enter the inner life of my […]

Rebecca Hutchinson, Magenta Burst, 2016, porcelain paper clay, handmade paper, organic material, 47” x 27” x 15” (photo by Richard Gormley).

Diverse States of Existence

Instinctive Formations at Shattuck by Don Wilkinson Westport, MA – Midway through April and in anticipation of an exhibition at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery in Westport, Mass. that would not open until June, I visited the studio of Rebecca Hutchinson in bucolic Rochester, Mass., just north of New Bedford. Hutchinson, who has been a professor […]

Raquel Fornasaro, The Things We Miss, at Boston Cyberarts Gallery.

May/June 2016 Capsule Previews

by Brian Goslow Art work of dresses and shoes by Patricia Canney, Susan Freda, Holly Gaboriault, Larisa Martino, Kelly O’Neal and Kyle Ragsdale are on view through May 27 in “Fashion Statements” at the ArtProv Gallery in the Doran Building, 150 Chestnut St., Providence, R.I. “The pieces in this exhibit are as beautiful as they […]

Kirsten Stolle, Mrs. John Goldsmith, 1861/2014, collage, 7 1/2” x 5”.

Nowhere Everywhere

Looking for Direction at Thompson Gallery by Ali Russo It’s the first piece I see and, from a distance, it almost looks like a photograph: a man and his son stand on the sidewalk of a crowded, urban, black and white street, the man’s attention held entirely by the phone in his palm. Clinging to […]

Elisabeth Fuchsia Parker, Maya At Home, 2016, photograph.

In, On, and Around Music

Contemporary Works at Sharon Arts by Brian Goslow The New Hampshire Institute of Art is celebrating the grand reopening of its Sharon Arts Center Gallery with an exhibition built around “The Thing in the Spring” series of concerts and art events presented by the Glass Museum that takes place annually in downtown Peterborough. The reopened […]

Sonogram Installation with In Situ sculptures and Untitled, and Containments.

Karen Margolis’ Sonogram

A Living Narrative by J. Fatima Martins Installed in a shoebox-shaped gallery, “Sonograms” by Karen Margolis offers a dialogue about the hybridization of conceptual art, domestic craft, alternative abstract painting process, science, architecture and design. The installation is intellectually dense, yet appears physically delicate. In color and form it is joyful, elegant, light and airy, […]

Kay Canavino, Hydra, Archival Digital Print.

Under, Above, Everywhere

Enfolding Natural Processes at Groton by Elizabeth Michelman For some artists, the practice of their art form permits them to experience a meditative separation from the incursions of an urbanized, mechanized and consumption-driven society. The art of painter Deborah Barlow, photographer Kay Canavino and ceramic sculptor Ramah Commanday, whose works are on exhibit together at […]

The Ascension, India ink on clayboard, 7’x 5’.

LeBow in Groton

Unleashing What Lies Beneath by Elizabeth Michelman Ellen Raquel LeBow’s large sgraffito paintings in her “Every border can be cross” exhibition at the Groton School resemble the familiar grade-school project of scratching designs through a wax-covered board to reveal variegated color. But there is nothing child-like in LeBow’s black-ink-on Claybord figurative panels, many of which […]

"Sunrise," Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, N.H., 42” x 112”.

Spreading Joy in CT

Liz MacDonald’s Ceramics by Kristin Nord I’m descending a steep stone staircase to Elizabeth MacDonald’s studios — past banks of glistening myrtle and her well-appointed kitchen garden. The property itself exudes Litchfield County charm, from the circa- 1790 white colonial out front to the stone walls and the way the buildings fit the land. I […]

Ernie Kovacs. Image provided by Photofest, New York.

Modern Art and Television

Addison Seeks A Connection by James Foritano An extremely ambitious, some would say busy, exhibition at the Addison Gallery of American Art curated by Maurice Berger intends to reveal the multifarious connections between modern art and the “birth” of American television. As a thesis, i.e., that television and modern art of the early- and mid-20th […]