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The Galatea Fine Art Gallery in February

"Approaching Jesus" a piece by George Shaw


BOSTON-The Galatea Fine Art gallery will be presenting two artist’ work this February. George Shaw and Dominick Takis most recent solo works will be on display from February 2-27. Shaw’s latest works on display, “The Sentinels” explores the journey from life to death as not always black and white but an enigmatic grey. “Because they are neither light nor dark, they inform us both, and reveal, also, both truth and falsehood. The Sentinels, whose role it is to protect or guide us on this journey,” explains Shaw on his inspiration. Mr. Shaw is a versatile artist combining painting, sculpture and photography to demonstrate the juxtaposition between what is sacred and what is abysmal, what is light and what is dark.

Dominick Takis incorporates different materials (oil, cutout, acrylic, photographs and organic materials) to create texturally fascinating collages. In these pieces Takis is confident that the image he presents will take different meaning and interpretation based on the viewer’s perspective. Takis also explains that music greatly influences his new pieces. “ I pick up on different vibrations, moods and undertones which often remarkably overlap with my own states of mind. Ultimately, I attempt to emphasize the synchronicity that exists between the music, my subconscious and the emerging imagery I’m projecting on the canvas.”

The opening reception for “The Sentinels” and “Recent Works” is on Friday, February 4, from 6-8 pm. The two respective shows will run from February 2-27. For more information visit

  • Lauren Curtis

    Congrats George & Marjorie! Love this piece! Wish I was in the Boston area so I could see the show. Wishing you much success!