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Some work from Jeff Hull's upcoming show Quisquillious

By Sara Farizan
DORCHESTER-Rubbish is in the eye of the beholder and in Jeff Hull’s eyes it is anything but rubbish. Hull, a Boston based artist, brings to life pieces of what one would think is garbage and turns it into his own genius. Quisquillious, the unusual and perhaps made up word’s definition being trashy or worthless, is an ironic name for Hull’s new show being presented at HallSpace in Dorchester. The discarded remnants of everyday objects become colorful, otherworldly three-dimensional works with rich texture and very personal meaning for the artist.

Hull is an accomplished and well studied artist having acquired not only an MFA from Boston University’s School of Fine Arts but also receiving awards from the Pollack Kasner Foundation, the Adolf Gottlieb Foundation and the St. Botolph Club Foundation to name a few. He pursues his vision with great passion and explains on his website, “I paint because it’s what I do. It’s my identity, actually. I’m a painter, I’m an artist. I do it because I have to.” Quisquillious begins with an opening reception Saturday, January, 29 at HallSpace in Dorchester from 3-6 pm. The show will run from January 29-March 5.