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September/October 2013 Centerfold

Forced Pano Error No. 1 by Joshua Brennan | Artscope Magazine
art: Forced Pano Error No. 1
artist: Joshua Brennan
theme: Smartphone Photography

The smartphone camera is an extension of my eye. It allows me to turn the act of looking into the act of making. In the past, I struggled to document what inspired my mind’s eye on the fly; without a device for documentation, the moment would pass and slip from my grasp and only a ghost of that fleeting happening haunted my memory. That’s changed now. I always have a camera on hand. It’s fast and deceptively simple, yet will perform and capture stunning images. I also experiment and purposefully misuse the software/technology. The Panorama function allows for seamless large format pictures, but I employ it in a different way. I’m looking for the serendipitous, happy accidents and profound anomalies that can occur when incorrectly used. This series of photographs, titled Forced Pano Errors, have been fueling my creative endeavors and are always a surreal, quasi-cubist surprise.

More of Joshua’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Mike Russo, Professor of Communications at Bridgewater State University
  • Dave Gordon, In-house Media and Tech Artist at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation
  • Andre van der Wende, artscope contributor