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November/December 2015 Centerfold

Artscope 59, November/December 2015 Jewelry by Beverley Coniglio | Artscope Magazine
art: Jewelry
artist: Beverley Coniglio
medium: Metalwork

Influenced by Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Victorian look without the Victorian principles, Gothic and Steampunk, Beverley is fascinated by all kinds of creatures: furry & scaled, feathered and fanged; and all things magical & mystical, flights of fancy, whimsical visuals.

One can often find her filtering through forgotten corners in dusty bins. Salvaging the lost and abandoned, unearthing treasures to be incorporated into her latest projects. Recycling them in such a way that brings them new life and purpose. To see more of Coniglio’s work, visit: