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November/December 2014 Centerfold

Artscope 53, November/December 2014 Steel and Glass by Gloria King Merritt | Artscope Magazine
art: Steel and Glass
artist: Gloria King Merritt
medium: Digital
theme: Digital Painting

Every generation invents a new artistic technique or medium to create new ways to express the concepts, thoughts, and feelings of the age. Just as the painter’s brush is an extension of their hand, so the computer is the extension of the creative mind. Although the techniques used to create the art are technologically complex, they produce beautiful and accessible works of fine art that convey fresh images and provoke new ideas.

I chose to present a diverse selection of digital painting styles for your consideration to deomonstrate the breadth of possibilities. I love experimentation. Although I was trained in traditional techniques and media, I know work almost exclusively with digital painting.

To see more of Gloria’s work, visit:

  • Jurors:
  • Tom Barrett, Illustrator, Professor, Lesley University College of Art and Design
  • Matthew Mullin, Artscope Magazine