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January/February 2013 Centerfold

STICK IT- Love and Junk by Janet Lage | Artscope Magazine
art: STICK IT- Love and Junk
artist: Janet Lage
medium: oil, oilbar, graphite, ink on canvas, 60" x 48"

I combine a disciplined formal painting process with the raw spontaneity of chance outcome and intuition. I approach each piece with an understanding of a physical image and allow internal forces of perception and chance to collide. Each painting experience is an adventure woven by experiment and intent. The objective is to emphasize the possibility of paint medium with gritty, tactile quality. I leave traces of the application and text in each piece to energize the painted form. My goal is to momentarily harness logic, instinct and guesswork.

More of Lage’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Michael David, Chair of the Fine Arts Department at the Art Institute of Boston at Leslie University
  • Adria Arch, who was featured in our November/December 2009 Issue
  • Ari Garber, artscope business development assistant