Surprises In Store: Maine’s Contemporary Jewel

George Marshall Store Gallery. Photography by Eric Taubert.

by Eric Taubert

From the beating heart of York Village, one of the first permanent settlements in Maine, quiet Lindsay Road wends down a scenic half-mile toward the York River. It is on the banks of this landmark tidal stream where art collectors with a bent for exploration and adventurous discovery will be richly rewarded with a very welcome surprise.

The George Marshall Store Gallery immediately commands your attention as you turn the corner and begin traveling parallel with the river. This historic building on the waterfront is painted bright yellow with black shutters and shouts proud patriotism with a flagpole mounted to the doorframe with Old Glory dancing on the gentle, salty breeze. Just above the door a weathered and smudged sign reads “G.A. Marshall’s Old Line Store – Est. 1867 – Groceries – Coal – Wood.”

Although you’d almost never know it, you’ve just stumbled upon one of the most celebrated and vibrant contemporary art galleries in Maine.

“It’s a unique building,” stated Mary P. Harding, who has been the curator of contemporary art for the George Marshall Store Gallery for 22 years. “It’s fun when people just come upon it during their walks and they see the sign for the store. They think they’re going to come in and buy a Coca Cola — and that’s where the serendipitous discovery begins.

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