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Karen Jerzyk, Green, metallic finish photograph, 24” x 36”

Karen Jerzyk, Green, metallic finish photograph, 24” x 36”

Jerzyk and McCabe at Derryfield

Greg Morell

How is it that the strange, provocative and cryptic images of Manchester, New Hampshire photographer Karen Jerzyk have found themselves on the walls of a posh New England private school?

Was it the intercession of a curator, an art director or a faculty administrator who first discovered the photographer? No, it was a student, a high school junior who brought the work of this remarkable image-maker to the attention of the faculty and staff at the Derryfield School.

Brooke Northrup is an art student at the day school where yearly tuition soars to over $30,000. A unique style of education is available to the 400 students who can afford the hefty sum. Brooke fell under the spell of Jerzyk’s images while probing the Internet. She noticed that the photographer was living and working in nearby Manchester and came up with the idea of bringing her to the school.

Through November 17, the Lyceum Gallery is celebrating the work of Jerzyk, along with textile artist Holly McCabe, in an exhibition entitled “Uncanny.” During the exhibition period (which began on October 10), both artists will be conducting mini-residencies, working directly with students during the time their work is featured at the school.

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