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What Remains At Coso

Ginny Zanger, "Descent," watercolor on polypropylene, 26" x 26"

Zanger and Hamil Talman Go Deep

Here are two women with their sleeves rolled up.

I’m in Ginny Zanger’s studio in Jamaica Plain, Mass., watching and listening as she shows me the works she has selected for her upcoming two-woman exhibit at Boston’s Copley Society of Art: “What Remains.”

Technique is important when attempting to import, for a gallery girded with tradition and safely above sea level — for now — just some of the freshness, luxuriant variety and sheer unpredictability, not to mention wetness, a diver encounters underwater.

As I listen and look, sometimes with new eyes, sometimes with eyes scrambling to sort out information from a slow brain, Zanger’s partner in their upcoming exhibit, Donna Hamil Talman, chimes in to emphasize one of the multiple steps in the transit from life to art.

Talman has navigated the challenges and excitement of this journey before, sometimes through on-the-job discoveries, sometimes through an “off-hours” exchange of information between Jamaica Plain and her studio in Worcester — some miles away but close in spirit.

Though Talman currently works inland from the ocean and grew up further inland on a cattle ranch in Colorado, she feels the land move under her feet as sensuously and urgently as deep-diver Zanger clocks our underwater environment with oxygen-rich breaths.

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