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George Hallowell, Snow Shadows, circa 1915, oil on canvas, 46 1/2” x 27 1/2”.


CLOSER READINGS AT UNH Linda Chestney Known for its proclivity for a cross-curriculum philosophy, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) doesn’t disappoint in its museum offerings, either. The museum will often invite students to view and absorb various art works and understand their relation to the specific discipline they’re studying. Be it history, writing or […]

Unknown Artist Roman, Late first century BCE, Venus (Aphrodite), First century BCE.


TIME STANDS STILL AT SMITH John B. Stapleton As someone who loves the Classics, I was very excited to hear that the Smith College Museum of Art was hosting the traveling exhibit, “Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii.” Before I got to the museum, I wasn’t expecting […]

Dan Kaufman, Forsyth In The Pink, 2016, infrared photography, 16” x 30” (© Dan Kaufman).


LOOKING BEYOND AND REACHING OUT Suzanne Volmer Tucked into an historic mercantile block with its entrance discretely marked at the door, the Providence Center for Photographic Arts has an emergent vibe that feels very much like a relaxed atelier. Visitors step into a vestibule and then head up a flight of stairs to find the […]

Shandra McLane working in her studio (photograph by Sarah Daniel-Campbell).


MCLANE’S GLOBAL IMPACT Marcia Santore She was almost at the top of the world when everything changed. Shandra McLane discovered her calling to work in glass when she was hired as the print shop coordinator at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, founded by Dale Chihuly. She was first drawn to the kiln-fused glass technique […]

Le grand rocher, 2017, oil on board, 31 1/2” x 31 1/2”.


DREAMSCAPES OF A WORLD CONTAINED Lisa Mikulski The work of Philippe Charles Jacquet is often described as dreamlike or imaginary. There are also those who have pigeonholed the paintings as mere landscape. I endeavor to describe them as something more. The work of an arts writer, or even an art lover viewing various works, depends […]

Hubris (Louis-Vuitton Gas Mask with Blue Jay), 2017, soot and acrylic on panel.


SPAZUK PLAYS WITH FIRE Molly Hamill I ran down the streets of Boston’s SOWA district on a chilly night in early April, heading to the opening reception of “Spazuk: Hubris, Beauty & Greed.” The Adelson Gallery on Harrison Avenue was buzzing, but the work on the walls immediately commanded my attention more than the colorful, […]

Winged Victory, 2017, oil on board, 36” x 36”.


KAT O’CONNOR IN NEW HAVEN Brian Goslow The idea for Kat O’Connor’s current series of “Water: Pools/Figures” oil paintings came to her at a hotel in Marfa, Texas. “We were sitting around at night, watching bats diving into the pool for drinks in the middle of the desert,” she explained. “Somehow, the reflection of figures […]

Shelley Reed, Tiger (after Janssens and Landseer), 2017, oil on paper, 90” x 88”; White Horse (after Grant and Stubbs), 2016, oil on paper, 90” x 132”; City Bound (after Ward and Breenbergh), 2014, oil on canvas, 48” diameter. Installation view, A Curious Nature: Paintings by Shelley Reed, Fitchburg Art Museum. Courtesy of Danese/Corey. ©2017 Charles Sternaimolo.


A GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT Donna Dodson I do not think I am alone in thinking Shelley Reed has “made it.” I admire her, look up to her and respect her work. She makes no secret of how hard she works or how serious she is, but she is also approachable, generous and kind. She has […]

Wayne Montecalvo, Mat, 2017, photo silkscreen, stained papers, digital image, and wax, 20” x 22”.


A SYNERGISTIC BLEND IN PTOWN Laura Shabott In concert with the International Encaustic Conference hosted annually by the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, artists/curators Lia Rothstein and Sherrie Posternak are bringing their weeklong “Photosynthesis” exhibition to Julie Heller Gallery East. “Encaustic is a translucent material that can be used in many ways, […]

John Buron, Toothpaste Americano (still), video.


NBMAA’S 47TH MEMBERS’ SHOW Kristin Nord The New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA) is serving up a lively stew of works by 90 emerging artists from throughout New England in an exhibit running through May 28. Sarah Fritchey, full-time curator and gallery director at Artspace New Haven, set aside her normal duties to serve […]