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May/June 2009 Centerfold

Untitled (Open) by Brian Bishop | Artscope Magazine
art: Untitled (Open) and Untitled (Undone)
artist: Brian Bishop
medium: charcoal on paper

The principle interest of my studio practice is the exploration of the fine line between the forgotten or over-looked moment and the fetishized memory as seen through the filters of portraiture in the west, snapshot photography and the rhetoric of surveillance. Through this work I mine the landscape of the common, the mundane, the banal and the fragmented as they are resented in the context of notation, documentation and memory. My work navigates the intersection of the overabundant surveilled image and the poignancy of the intimate vignette or home movie. Implied narratives and contexts are generated on the margins, between the images and outside the frame. The resulting images appear disjunctive and out-of-context, alluding to the “lost” images on a roll of film, the in-between moments and the “throwaway” image – the mistake.

More of Bishop’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Candice Smith Corby, Director of the Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College
  • Lisa Lynch, Director of the Arts at Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center
  • Sarah E. Fagan, artscope writer and editor of the artscope email blast!