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May/June 2008 Centerfold

The Cartographers by Danielle Sauvé | Artscope Magazine
art: The Cartographers
artist: Danielle Sauvé
medium: installation art

The installation “The Cartographers” associates the migratory quest to the virgin page preceding the re-creative process of all new beginnings. The ensemble is about the tension between erasing and renewing, the alterable and the attached, vibrancy and absence. Layers of velum on the skeletal drawing-tables are penetrated by light to create the conditions for the appearance of the snail’s journey. I am interested in the speculative aspects of exile, those moments of expectation – when nothing is fixed yet, when all is still maintained between here and else where, before and now, the real and the imaginary.

  • Jurors:
  • Katherine Attanasio, director/co-curator at The Firehouse Gallery of Burlington City Arts
  • Janie Cohen, director of the Robert Hull Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont
  • Alexandra Tursi, artscope writer