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March/April 2013 Centerfold

Profile and Silhouette by Jessica Brown | Artscope Magazine
art: Profile and Silhouette
artist: Jessica Brown
medium: Cardboard, Profile chair: 20.25″d x 15.25″w x 34.5″h, Sillouette chair: 19″d x 15.5″w x 33″h

We examined a variety of classic chairs and were most inspired by the simplicity of the Shakers, the elegant proportions of Walter Knoll’s Andoo Chair and, of course, the playful curves of Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair. Thus, our concept is dictated by a variety of designs and the challenge was to bring together these classic designs we love and add a modern twist. Sustainability and innovation need not be separate issues. The modern twist is reclaimed cardboard and laser-cutting technology. For this reason, we asked ourselves: how can we take a waste material and make something better from it? Utilizing an everyday material like cardboard in an entirely different way is the synthesis of two separate ideas. .

More of Brown’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Judith Anderson, Assistant Professor at Mass College of Art and Design
  • Lindsey Davis, Artscope Online Zine Reporter