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March/April 2009 Centerfold

Cycle of Growth by Tracy Spadafora | Artscope Magazine
art: Cycle of Growth
artist: Tracy Spadafora
medium: mixed media encaustic on braced luan

Obscuring and burying images within layers of wax and paint helps to extend their meaning into the realms of memory and intuition. In these works, natural structures and man-made structures converge and collide, creating a dialogue between these opposing forces. The natural environment has suffered greatly as a result of commercial, residential, and industrial development. Nature struggles to survive and find new life within the continuous sprawl of these manmade environments.

With these paintings I intend to convey a sense of the poetry and endurance of nature as a force — a force that seems to persist in spite of man’s actions. In this work I seek to address larger questions concerning the lineage of our natural and man-made environments.

  • Jurors:
  • Joanne Mattera, Author of “The Art of Encaustic Painting” and Director of the Encaustic Conference at Monserrat College of Art
  • Barbara O’Brien, former Director of the Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College and keynote speaker for the 2009 Encaustic Conference at Montserrat College of Art
  • Hope Stockman, artscope writer