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July/August 2012 Centerfold

Dog’s Head Falls by Ginny Zanger | Artscope Magazine
art: Dog’s Head Falls
artist: Ginny Zanger
medium: watercolor on Yupo (polypropylene)

My work is about flow: the currents of the deep sea, where I love to scuba dive; the glaciers, mountains, and where I painted while living in a historic Provincetown dune shack last summer.

To evoke flow in my work, I often choose to paint on polypropylene (Yupo), a surface that resists rather than the paint. I pour, spray, eye-drop, and brush washes of watercolor paints onto the smooth plastic sheet, then to selectively remove paint, something that rag papers do not allow. I let the essence of the materials that recreating the lyrical patterns, shapes, and shadings of the natural world that mean so much to me.

More of Zanger’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Natacha Villamia Sochat, Co-owner of NK Gallery
  • Christy J. King, of Cape Cod Museum of Art’s media communications/graphic design group
  • Barbara Bausch, Artscope