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July/August 2011 Centerfold

CITYGO by Sean Flood | Artscope Magazine
artist: Sean Flood
medium: oil on canvas

The inspiration for my work comes from music, urban settings, the energy of my surroundings and viewing other artists’ work. When it comes to architectural and urban scene paintings, I get a lot of ideas from exploring and working in the city. After doing sketches on site and taking photos, I stretch my own canvas or cut panels to the scale I want my painting. I work out my ideas in the studio and I particularly enjoy the beginning phase of a new piece. The initial drawing is very exciting when I react and draw quickly and lay down the structure and foundation for a finished piece. This is yet another reason why I am so attracted to painting urban scenes. As I introduce color to a developing piece, I continue to treat it like drawing, as in drawing with paint. I paint in three hour sessions and typically work on one or two paintings simultaneously. I usually work on a piece for one to three months until I feel it is complete. As I sense the painting is closer to completion, the final marks and gestures are applied with more specificity and assurance. This process allows me to develop a rich, textured painting and also capture the raw, spontaneous energy of what I see and experience.

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