January/February 2018

Artscope 72, January/February 2018 Golf Ball by Stephen Capogna | Artscope Magazine Golf Ball, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016, 60” x 60”.
art: Golf Ball
artist: Stephen Capogna
medium: Acrylic on Canvas
theme: Modernist Painting

In 2002 I began to make small sketches of scenes from golf courses located throughout New England. In 2007 the sketches developed into a series of drawings depicting the life of a golf ball from tee to cup. I work primarily from observation. In 2010, the work called for a larger scale and a more intense focus on the trajectory of the ball from tee to cup. I began to spend more time on the courses photographing with a high speed camera and shooting video. Working from frame to frame allowed me to capture the golf ball in motion and at rest. At this large scale, the golf ball became monumentalized and I became mesmerized by the play of light on the dimpled surface of the ball, and with the simple beauty of the course itself. In 2017 I began working on a series of close ups. These new works highlight the unique characteristics of common sporting objects, from the dimple of a golf ball to the stitching on a baseball. Its what makes each painting special.

  • Jurors:
  • Carolyn Wirth, Gallery Director Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College
  • Laurie McGowan, Visual Arts Coordinator Conant Gallery at Lawrence Academy
  • Susan Metrican, Curator & Director of the Arts Kniznick Gallery at Brandeis University