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January/February 2011 Centerfold

Precarious Living 1 by Carolyn Rordam | Artscope Magazine
art: Precarious Living 1
artist: Carolyn Rordam
medium: Glass works

Modern man seems to be in a constant struggle to live separately from the natural world. However, he is completely dependent on it. We are in an uncertain and ever changing relationship with our environment. How do we come to terms with this dangerous, glorious and absolutely essential lover? In this glass works series titled Precarious Living, I create a reflection of the incessant and irrepressible impact of nature despite mankind’s intrusions. They reflect the fascination I have with the details of natural phenomena and the cycles of growth and rebirth within those cycles. Precarious Living is a metaphor for something that is happening all around us, natural forces that continue to move regardless of what we humans do. Glass, a super-cooled liquid, represents the intermediate space where opposites meet, the linear ideals of human constructs and the entropic reality of nature. My work is about the ever-changing relationship between man and his environment.

More of Rordam’s work may be seen at

  • Jurors:
  • Kathleen Driscoll, Gallery Director at The Gallery at Mount Ida College
  • Andrew Mroczek, Director of exhibitions at The Art Institute of Boston Gallery at University Hall