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January/February 2008 Centerfold

carmela lily II by Marisa diPaola | Artscope Magazine
art: carmela lily II
artist: Marisa diPaola

I am a nomadic sculptor and installation artist. I create wearable site-specific work from found materials, and wear these pieces, as self-portraits, handmade as if by the characters that I am depicting.

The work itself is a collection of psychological self-portraiture through an exploration of fairy tale characters interacting with this world. Not focusing on the “happily ever after” but at the moment of creation, and adaptation to their new journey and to their new habitat.

The natural world became my focus as I began searching for the origins of humanity and the natural connections that bind us to the land. The series explored characters creating a home withing their found habitat, focusing on the beginning of the journey where the path originates. These sculptures are divergent, specific to sites in nature, chosen for their isolation and wilderness. The process of gathering and creation allows each character to investigate their habitat and their own domestication. The documentation appears as wildlife photography, capturing these characters in their habitat, living within their life. All explore the dynamic of self, of the journey, of creating a domestic space for oneself, handmade from the raw materials gathered around.

  • Jurors:
  • Britt Beedenbender, writer, artscope magazine
  • Craig Bloodgood, Special Projects Curator, The Art Complex Museum
  • George Creamer, Dean of Graduate Admissions, Massachusetts College of Art