Cornered: Rosemary Lebeau

"The Garden of Stone Roses, Vue d’Optique," three-dimensional photographs, lacquered metal, etched bronze glass, 17” 24” x 2”.


by Brian Goslow

Central Massachusetts-based Rosemary LeBeau works in several magical mediums — wall assemblages, objets d’art, vue d’optique, hand-made books, rust works — each of which brings her viewers to several sensory states, including the reawakening of memories and senses of favorite objects from years ago (for instance, the animals in her composition that hark back to Christmas displays of our youth) and pieced together objects to which she gives recognizable features that cause our natural imagination to attribute them human-like characteristics that would look great in a front yard or home den. Then there are her larger pieces — reminiscent of 19th century offices and grocery stores, normally seen recreated as part of a museum’s depiction of life in centuries past — which leave viewers in awe. Artscope managing editor Brian Goslow “cornered” LeBeau after attending the opening reception to her “The Elegant Eccentric” exhibition in early February.

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