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Lexa and Dan Walsh, Both Sides Now, 2016, mixed media, installation (interior diorama of small antiquities inside orb). Courtesy of the Williams College Museum of Art. Photo by Arthur Evans.

Speaking a Different Language

The Walshes in Williamstown by Elizabeth Michelman In most advanced art museums, it’s almost unthinkable to present an exhibition without resorting to curatorial explanations. Language is deemed essential to orient the viewer to historical information and current critical jargon. Without it, Lisa Dorin, deputy director of curatorial affairs at the Williams College Museum of Art, […]

Julia Mandle, Wandering Knot, 2016, ceramic, 14” x 16” x 8”. Photograph by Sofie Delvaux.

Of Water and Bone

Mother/Daughter Mandle in Newport by Suzanne Volmer “Of Water and Bone,” a mother and daughter exhibit created collaboratively by Gayle Wells Mandle and Julia Barnes Mandle, presents itself as a conceptual umbrella and makes a cohesive statement that communicates a composite view of the artists’ individual and shared perspectives based upon their experiences. The artists’ […]

Dennis Yost, The Butler, pastel.

Everything’s Purrfect in Worcester

WAM Exhibit is the Cat’s Meow by Brian Goslow “Meow: A Cat-inspired Exhibition” is the kind of show many museums have been presenting of late that utilizes a theme aimed at attracting a larger cross-section of potential visitors — and with rare exception, who doesn’t like cats? While my wife wondered why the Worcester Art […]

Alecia Underhill, "Shy Chick", oil on canvas, 30” x 40”.

Hot Chicks at Silver Circle

Bigger is Better by J. Fatima Martins With cheeky intelligence, witty bravado, and a balance of innocence and sensuality, Silver Circle Art Center presents “Big Chicks,” a collaborative exhibition — featuring the contemporary traditionalist painter Alecia Underhill and the expressive and diverse sculptor, painter and illustrator Jean-Paul Jacquet — that addresses the contentious meaning of […]

(Top) Jocelyn Foye, Sumo Wrestling Exhibition, Torrance Art Museum, CA, 2011, photograph, 19” x 25”. (Bottom) Sumo Detail, 2011, sculptural relief painting, 28”.

South County Invitational

Showcasing Connections and Contrasts by J. Fatima Martins Sumo wrestling. It’s a sport. It’s a performance. And it’s art, explored in a three-part — photograph, video and sculpture relief painting — installation by Jocelyn Foye in “The South County Invitational.”. In “Sumo Wrestling Performance,Torrance Art Museum, CA” Foye uses sumo as source material to dialogue […]

Jeff Lind, "High-Back Rocker in Spalted Maple", contoured seat and back, 24” x 48” x 48”.

A Cross-Section of Craft

NH Craftsmen Keep it Interesting by Linda Chestney Experts like to talk about how often people change careers during their lifetime. This figure usually ranges between three and seven times, according to the United States Department of Labor. (The number of job changes tends to average around 12.) So it’s fascinating to learn that artists/artisans […]

Illustration from Do You Want To Be My Friend? © 1976 by Eric Carle.

Playing Hide and Seek in Amherst

The Magical Art of Eric Carle by John P. Stapleton As an artist with close to household name status from his children’s books, it’s not a surprise that Eric Carle would be putting so much of his family into his images. At the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, they’ve got a […]

View of the Sky from the Bottom of the Pond, 2015, digital painting on canvas, 40” x 40”.

Making Lemonade in Vermont

Gloria King Merritt’s Happy Accident by Taryn Plumb It basically started out as a fluke. Four years ago, a tendon snapped in Gloria King Merritt’s thumb (the result of a 40-year-old injury). Her hand had to be rewired; she couldn’t do the simplest things, like fasten buttons or tie her shoes. Her doctors told her […]

"Mountains in the Selkirk Range Near the Canadian Border, Mount Sir Donald", 1889, oil on canvas, 83 1/2” x 57 1/2” (Collection of New Bedford Free Public Library).

Bierstadt in New Bedford

An Unlikely Partnership Makes Sense by Don Wilkinson The New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park (NBWNHP) is a 16-acre urban park spread over thirteen city blocks, many of them cobblestoned, and is part of the National Park Service (NPS). In 2014, the NBWNHP approached the New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks! (NBAM/AW!) to invite it to participate […]

Anne Plaisance, Born to Survive, oil, collage.

A Pattern of Success

Attleboro’s National Juried Show by James Foritano Vibrant, funny, elegant, profound. Overall a deeply heartening and enlivening display of talent for a summer afternoon in Attleboro — or for anytime, anywhere. That’s “Patterns,” the Attleboro Arts Museum’s annual national juried exhibition whose call for art sought work in all mediums, sizes and concepts that related […]