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"Ocean, Dunes and Sky," 2013, 30" x 40".

"Ocean, Dunes and Sky," 2013, 30" x 40".


Lorna Ritz has had omnipresence in the Pioneer Valley arts community, both as a painter and publicist, especially with Northampton’s Oxbow Gallery.

Allen Frame, Mariachis, Mexico City, 2000

Allen Frame at Gitterman Gallery, NYC

Those who know of Allen Frame¹s work prior to this
exhibition may see cinematic still images which are distilled with an
uneasiness and ambiguity.

Beach Buddies, Paul Pedulla, Acrylic on Canvas Painting, 30 X 30 inches

Beach Buddies, Paul Pedulla, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 X 30 inches.

Artscoped! Revisiting Paul Pedulla

Pedulla’s 2013 has been equally, if not more, prolific in development that those of his past. In January, his pieces “Ocean Edge” and “Grey Gables” were accepted into “Art and Alchemy,” a juried show by the USEA at Gold Gallery in Boston’s South End. He had a solo show at the Thomas Moser Park Plaza showroom from February through April, then in April, he had another solo show at Chelmsford Library. Proceeding this show, he appeared in the Boston Globe, as well as feature stories in the Chelmsford Independent and the Chelmsford Patch.

Artist:  Mark Swanson, "Untitled (Sitting Buck Boston)" Edition 1/3, 2013 Room:  Ready-to-Wear Room One. This is a tribute to the bronze deer in Chanel's apartment.

Chanel Brings the Sparkle Back to Newbury Street

The walls of the new Chanel Boutique at 6 Newbury Street in Boston were dressed even more finely than the guests at its December 6 opening celebration. New York architect Peter Marino, who designed the store’s mirror clad walls, attended the party, as did French artists Johan Creten and Jean-Michel Othoniel, who created the rich and evocative sculpture installations that adorn the boutique.

Thomas Demand Daily #7 2008 Framed dye transfer print

Thomas Demand: Dailies at Matthew Mark Gallery

As opposed to his normal practice of working from news images, Thomas Demand turns his focus onto the everyday shots from his cellphone in “Dailies,” an exhibition on view through December 21 at the Matthew Marks Gallery in New York City.

Poised, 25 ft tall, saplings, wire ties, 2013

Poised, 25 ft tall, saplings, wire ties, 2013

Artscoped!: Revisiting Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein

The Myth Makers, a two-person artistic collaboration between Donna Dodson and Andy Morlein produce sculptures based around the ‘mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom’. They were first covered for being part of Convergence: The Boston Sculptors Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition. A large (twenty-five feet) seated bird made of sticks titled ‘Poised’ was shown as well as Dodson’s personal creation: ‘The Tiger Mothers’. These human-esque feminine animals are symbolic for the tribe of motherhood. The Tiger Mothers has recently been loaned to the Sothern New Hampshire University, where they stand proudly in front of the Admissions building in Manchester, NH.

Quiet 2- Glistening Moonlight ( pale yellow) , various mediums on wood panel, 24 x 24 x 2.25 in

Quiet 2- Glistening Moonlight ( pale yellow) , various mediums on wood panel, 24 x 24 x 2.25 in

Artscoped!: Revisiting Sand T Kalloch

Malaysian born artist Sand T Kalloch has been within the pages of Artscope several times, once in an early issue covering her work at artSPACE@16, of which she is the owner. Then in the January/ February 2013 edition she was interviewed in a section of cornered, focusing on her showing at Aqua Art Miami, an ArtBasel satellite fair. Since then she has had even more exciting developments in her work.

Artscope's Article in the July/August 2012 issue covering Marroquin

Artscope's Article in the July/August 2012 issue covering Marroquin

Artscoped!: Revisiting Rubin Marroquin

Rubin Marroquin, who was covered in Artscope’s magazine’s July/August 2012 issue, was noted for being eccentric as well as highly nontraditional while still working as a successful artist in…

Ali Goodwin, Drift Gallery director.

Drift Gallery director Ali Goodwin in front of a painting by Tyson Jacques.


Located alongside a winding country road in Portsmouth, N.H., the grounds of the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Historic Site is the unlikely, yet scenic location for Drift Gallery, a contemporary gallery space that is run and curated by Alicia “Ali” Goodwin. This is no small feat, as to get art outside of major cities is a tough task, and Goodwin has done so with extreme vigor and skill.

Cornered: Laura Evans

More artscope writers asked to make sure we covered Laura Evans’ current “Not One Thing” exhibition at the Boston Sculptors Gallery than any other show in our existence.