Caa Members Prize Show

Stephanie Todhunter, Queen Beth (kintsugi), original macrophotograph backprinted onto glass, gold enamel.


James Foritano

Once again, it’s time for the Cambridge Art Association’s annual Members Prize Show. This year’s juror, Randi Hopkins, director of visual arts at the Boston Center for the Arts, selected member artists who hail from Cambridge and beyond.

The members’ inspiration comes, necessarily, from wherever they happen to be in the life of their art and in a moment of time. For visitors, likewise, our receptivity comes both from the sum of our lives and the moment we happen to visit.

My mood hankered for the rough and homemade. Not the subtle “comehither,” but the, “Hey, Bub, don’t I know you from somewhere?” approach.

Iris Osterman’s “Riverbank” caught my attention from both near and far, pulling me closer with its thick impasto of predominantly black, white and grey oil paints with evocative earth tones gleaming through. My canoe slid by the banks of the Charles River so close I could almost trace the infinity of energies competing for soil to root in, space to absorb light and air. From afar, it settled down somewhat but still seethed.

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